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P.S. While we do like to joke around, we take our work very seriously! We promise - no clown suits will be worn at your house!


Robert "Bobby" Boivin, the founder and owner of Gator Creations, has over 25 years of experience in home remodeling and construction. From the time he took drafting classes and began working as a protege renovating old houses, he was hooked. Bobby's arrival in Florida started in the Keys, building a $3 million home for Harry Hurley. He then migrated over to Sarasota in 1995 (he drove through Hurricane Aaron to get here!) and has been renovating homes and businesses ever since.

While many home renovators went out of business during the hard times, Gator Creations' reputation kept the company busy. Their attention to detail, design savvy, and rarely-found work ethic has resulted in plenty of word-of-mouth referrals over the years. 

Give Bobby a call now to discuss your next home renovation project. You'll love the work, the price, and your home. Again.  


Making You Fall In Love With Your Home Again

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